Beginner Tutorials -- To get you started playing your ukulele...

1. "Let it Be" - the Beatles song on the uke... Youtube video lesson: Basic version :-)

Tory explains it pretty well and shows you the fingering for the basic chords and uses a simple strum pattern...

Here are the chord diagrams:

Uke_C,F,G.jpg Uke_Chord_Am.png

Here are the lyrics with the chords placed along the words in sequence, from the Chordie website:

Note: Although this website focuses mainly on the guitar, it has many ukulele songs available also; when you find a song page

you will see on the right side two light blue boxes titled: "Transpose Chords" and "Tuning" with tiny down arrow buttons to select

from drop-down menus, Click on the tiny down arrow for "Tuning" and select "Ukulele (C-Tuning)".

(Just play the C, F, G, Am chords; forget about the Em and B chords shown.)

2. "Let It Be" - A next step up in Sophistication: An Excellent Video Tutorial by a Maui College Music Teacher! :-)

Including a simple yet excellent Strumming Technique to learn! :-)


This is a screen shot that shows his excellent Beginner's Strum: Index finger bent down and supported by his thumb.

"Lefty Aloha"... to be continued...