Maui College Video Tutorials - A Whole Series :-)


That is an easy A minor (Am), single finger chord (middle finger on 2nd fret of A string)

and a stopped-motion view of his good Beginner's Strum: using his bent-down index finger, supported by his thumb.

1. Let It Be by the Beatles

2. Maui (Hawaii) College Ukulele Strumming Video Tutorials: Fun!

Just pick a few and practice the ones you does take practice...

But you will be making real kool music on your uke...

Maui College Ukulele Teacher

1. Strum for “Red Wine” on uke:

2. Strum for “In my Life” on uke:

3. Strum for “Imagine” on uke (nice and "simple", compared to others :-)

4. Strum for: “you’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” on uke:

5. Strum for “Surf Song – Part 1” on uke:

6. Strum for “Surf Song –Part 2” (with music background) on uke:

3. Another Teacher Demonstrates 2 Separate Picking Patterns:

Definitely Takes Practice! But the Picture of the Tablature notation is very helpful... :-)


T = Thumb, M = Middle finger, I = Index finger, M/T = "Pinch together"