Hawaii Music Supply is the first Ukulele Megasite that I found on the internet, soon after receiving my gifted Little Uke from a good friend...

I am not advertisng their store but their website, which I found from watching several youtube videos that were excellent Beginners' Lessons, all produced by their staff... They are located on Oahu, the main island where Honolulu is located, so they know Hawaii and they know Ukuleles, as you will see from the enclosed links...

1. Home Base: their Website


2. Their Youtube Video Channel with 200+ kool videos


3. Their Facebook Page


4. Beginner's Lessons in Sequence (10+ brief videos)


"Aaron's Beginner Lessons" (Just work with 3 basic chords: C, F, and G; forget A, B, D, and E for now...)

This will take care of you and me for the next 6 months of practice :-)

"Mahalo, Mahalo, a hui hou... You are definitely Ohana..."


These guys are good teachers online, even for total beginners like me!

(I do not have a personal ukulele teacher, so I am learning on my own, until I meet other local players, etc.)

These 2 links are excellent Beginner's Lessons in learning the basic chords and their fingering progressions.



The next link will get you started on the right track to learn and practice good technique for

beginning fingering of single notes on the strings, it will save you months of trial and error frustration.

This is clearly a necessary beginning fingering lesson to practice.


5. This is an important category of videos: reviews of various types and sizes of ukuleles:


Be sure to scroll down to: "Kala Travel Tenors Compared-- Cedar and Spruce, Low G and High G".

Ukes are getting modern and electrified as well...

6. Their Blog with lots of insider and local Hawaii connections



7. This is a surprise video...


Hey, I wish I could play as good as he can! :-)

8. Ukulele Underground - Growing the next generation of ukulele players.

Free ukulele forums online: the main ukulele website on the internet:


Note: They are pushing their paid subscription services (stuff beyond the discussion forums), but you can freely become a member

to use the forums, without any fees or subscription services... definitely check them out: Go directly to the "Beginners" Forum!

9. And of course Wikipedia, gives you lots of background information about ukuleles and Hawaii and their history and culture...


10. And just so you remember where we are talking about, this is a photo of one of Hawaii Music Supply's staff member's

residence, with " One of the Best Backyards in Hawaii" :-) from their Facebook Photo Album...


Okay, I'll be quiet now...