History of the Ukulele - A Resource List (in progress...)

Left: "Country Musicians" from A History of Madeira, (Island of Portugal) 1821. From the Collection of John King.
Right: The Hawaiian King David Kalakaua (circa 1880's) was a fan of the ukulele and soon incorporated it into performances at royal gatherings.

1. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukulele

2. Beloff, Jim (2003) [1997]. The Ukulele: A Visual History (Revised & Expanded ed.). San Francisco: Backbeat Books. ISBN 0-87930-758-7.

Uke_visual_history.jpg visual_history_of_Uke_book.JPG

3. Nalu Music: A Strum Through Ukulele History - From Madeira to Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay

by John King and Jim Tranquada (2007). This is an excellent researched documentary article that was commissioned by the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco, California. It has archival photographs accompanying the scholarly text.


4. Youtube Videos:

__1. History of the Ukulele (a nice brief visual history video) narrated by Mike Upton.