Beginners Song - Stand By Me

"Stand By Me" by Ben E. King

Youtube Video: Songs Around the World: Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

Ukulele Chords accompanying the Lyrics:

Stand By Me

When the
night has come

And the
land is dark

And the
moon is the only li
ght we'll

No I won'
t be afraid, no I
won't be afraid

Just as l
ong as you stand, st
and by m

And darlin', darlin', sta
nd by me, oh now now
stand by me

and by me, stan
d by me

1. Here is a kool ukulele tutorial of this song, a bit more advanced than "Beginner's Level", (I'd say "Intermediate Level" :-)

but well worth watching and learning about finger-picking techniques...(and I like his strumming technique also)

AND the guy is extremely good at dividing the song into "Do-able" and "Practicing" Sections, as their own "Mini-Lessons"

Re-viewing it just now (December 9, 2011) I feel motivated to study this version and practice it, and get it "accomplished",

as part of my "Repertoire"... maybe for the New Year in January :-)

Beginners who keep practicing new stuff (and it's free on youtube) get to improve their playing, so that's what I'm gonna do... :-)

2.This is a second tutorial example on youtube, not so easy to follow the instructions (it is her first ever uke tutorial),

but it is valuable to watch and learn various ukulele playing aspects that she talks about and demonstrates:

the "Chuck" strum and her simplified "down-up", "up-down" description of strum patterns, etc.

And watching a Beginner "construct a lesson / tutorial / video" helps us understand how we would go about learning and teaching

a ukulele song... :-)


And the next ukulele player is Not a beginner, but rather a Master Ukulele Player in the World: Jake Shimabukuro.

His youtube video solo has over 9 million views; his website has lots of his youtube videos , his albums, his biography information,

his philanthropic community service organization ("Music is Good Medicine"), and lots more...

He is Mr. Peace Love Ukulele: Jake Shimabukuro is a Force...