Beginners Song: Lion Sleeps Tonight


Since I am a beginner uke player and learning from Youtube online lessons and the Ukulele Underground Forum, etc.

I will be sharing my adventure in learning and playing with you...

1. "Chordie" is your friend online! :-) They list hundreds of song lyrics with the accompanying Chords positioned

exactly along the phrasing/singing of the text. Here is the link for "Lion Sleeps Tonight":

Now some videos to watch different variations and learn about basic strumming and some finger picking techniques...

1. A Total Beginners Class in London :-) If they can do it, we can do it too...

2. The Lion King song track, so you can hear the Disney version :-)

3. A teenager with some interesting uke strumming and picking techniques:

4. "Ukie Madness" Fun Version: and notice the fish tank bubbles in the background... :-)

to be continued

Page 3: "Stand By Me": video, written lyrics, and accompanying chords to play... :-)